Candice Jones


"my journey work"

Experience my journey as therapist...

Therapeutic Massage:

The area of the body that is being most affected by dis-ease/pain is focussed on in this therapy. Any advice for lifestyle adjustments can be discussed to aid the prevention of further discomfort.

Relaxing Massage:

A full body treatment to calm and rejuvenate. This is aromatherapy with a bit more pressure used and essential oils are blended modestly to prevent the systems being overwhelmed.


The Ingham Method of Reflexology is applied to the feet. It is a strong pressure administered professionally to aid in the well-being of the whole person.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Pure essential oils are blended to suit the individuals requirements. A full body massage aids in a muscular and circulatory stimulation to release lactic acid build up and pain.

Signature Therapy; Soul Journey Energy Balance:

Spiritual Intelligence represents a dynamic wholeness of self in which the self is at one with ITSELF and the WHOLE OF CREATION. We are a SOUL which has a mind, a body and experiences feelings. Within this therapy we address our personal life from this perspective. True and lasting change is the result of this work since we align with TRUTH. Truth is not a dogma/belief, it is the foundation of All That Is.

Client Feedback

"... its been incredibly comforting all at the same time"

"I've been doing a course of healing journey work with Candice over the past few months. What I love is the new, curious self-awareness I've entered into since my first session. Its been surprising, its been raw, and its been incredibly comforting all at the same time.

In some sessions I've come across deep, vulnerable parts of myself that needed attention which I wasn't aware of or was simply ignoring, conveniently.. or not so conveniently as it turns out. Other sessions have simply been relaxing and strengthening, leaving me feeling vibrant and looking out at the world with lighter, not-so-jaded eyes.

I trust Candice, I enjoy her gentle presence and intuitive, helpful insights. With her I find myself at once transported to a space of quiet calm I didn't know I had inside myself, and also on a voyage of discovery. My greatest quest is however, to learn to trust myself.. and that is where I'm headed in these unique, fantastic sessions.

It is so urgently important to give ourselves the TIME to simply quieten and connect with our inner selves. For those like me, trying to sit quietly on one's own, meditatively... just doesn't work. But lying comfortably, padded and snug with Candice guiding your relaxation? It works. I've literally felt heavy weight being peeled from my shoulders and have enjoyed new freedom of movement. Healing from whatever you knew or didn't know you might be burdened by is found here, with Candice."


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